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The First Tee Of The Twin Cities MPLS Handbook 2021(PDF)

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Highland National GC in St Paul Junior Lessons at The Sanford First Tee Learning Center at Highland Range (1403 Montreal Ave, St Paul)

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2021 Highland First Tee Online Registration


Online Highland Registration 

Plus an additional $5 of for signing up multiple juniors.  (If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $5 discount on the second (and third, if applicable) child’s registration fee plus a $10 discount per class expires April 15, discount code is “Masters”)


The First Tee of Twin Cities Program locations:

Eagle Valley GC in Woodbury


Keller Golf Club

The Ponds of Battle Creek

The First Tee of St Croix

The First Tee of Twin Cities at Rochester, MN (Hadley Creek GC)


The First Tee does offer scholarships for many classes for those students that cannot afford all or part of the fees to participate in this fantastic program.  (Please contact you Teacher or Program Director at your facility)


The First Tee’s programs are designed around teaching young people the game of golf, as well as helping them understand and ultimately develop The First Tee Nine Core Values: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment. The First Tee curriculum was developed by experts in the field of positive youth development through sport and is delivered by caring adults (coaches) who have been formally trained by The First Tee.

Tiny Tot Description (Ages 4-5)

This is a wonderful class for young juniors to learn about the very basics of golf such as grip, stance and aim. We will be spending time on the putting and chipping green and practice range, but most importantly we will be having lots of fun. Participants will learn some introductory life skills such as respect for the game of golf. One parent/guardian must attend the first session. Clubs will be available if needed.

Bogey Level Description (Ages 5-7)

In the Bogey classes, students are taught the basics of golf in a fun and enjoyable format.  The fundamentals of the grip, stance, posture and swing are taught in a way students can understand. The main areas of focus for the Bogey Level are an introduction of the full swing, chipping and putting. The First Tee life skills taught in the Bogey Level focus on honesty, respect and sportsmanship.  Lessons are 40 minutes in length with dates varying depending on class.

Par Level Description (Ages 8-12)

Participants in the Par classes will build upon the basics taught at the Bogey Level. The fundamentals of the golf swing will continue to be stressed, with the goal of creating a more consistent swing. Lessons at the Par Level will again focus on the full swing, chipping and putting. The First Tee life skills taught in the par level focus on interpersonal communication and self-management skills.  These lessons are 45 minutes in length with dates varying depending on class.

Birdie Level Description (Ages 12-17)

Students in the Birdie Level will continue to build upon the solid foundation of fundamentals taught in the Bogey and Par classes.  Lessons will continue to cover the long and short game while new topics such as swing plane and course management will be introduced. The First Tee life skills taught in the Birdie level focus on goal setting, honesty, respect and sportsmanship on and off the course. These lessons are 45 minutes in length with dates varying depending on class.




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