Frequently Asked Questions

The First Tee of St. Paul


Q: Where do classes meet?

A:  All classes begin with check in at the picnic table in front of the driving range building at Highland National golf course, unless otherwise specified by the coach instructing the session.

Q:  What if my junior does not have clubs?

A:  If a participant does not own golf clubs The First Tee of St. Paul has plenty clubs of various sizes to offer for use during class.

Q:  Is there a dress code for The First Tee?

A:  Yes, there is a basic dress code for sessions with The First Tee of St. Paul.  Participants are asked to dress so they are ready to play golf.  This means an appropriate length short/skirts or pair of trousers, a shirt and close-toed shoes.  See expectations for more information.

Q:  What if there is inclement weather?

A:  In the case of foul weather the coach teaching the session will call all parents/guardians no later than 45mins before class.  They will also inform the club house and driving range of the canceled lesson.

Q:  What does my junior need to bring to class?

A:  Participants should bring their golf clubs if they have them; wear closed toed shoes and have a good attitude.  Beyond that if the participant is in a Par, Birdie or Eagle class and has a yardage book they should have that with them for every class.  Because we spend most of our time out side we strongly encourage participants to wear sunscreen and bring their own water bottle.

Q:  Is there food or water provided for class?

A:  At the end of every class it is a tradition that participants share what they have learned that day to earn a reward.  We offer golf goodies such as golf balls, club head covers, T-shirts and hats.  A snack is provided each day of the golf camps as a mid-class break.  This is usually some thing like crackers or a granola bar.  There is a water fountain on the south side of the driving range building that participants are always welcome to use.  On warmer days coaches commonly fill a cooler with water and ice for participants.  Participants are always encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

Q:  How do I register?

A:  This year we are excited to offer online credit card registration!  IN MID-March, you will  be able to register for classes and events at www.thefirstteestpaul.org.  You can also register by filling out a registration form and returning it to the Highland National golf course with a check made out to The First Tee of St. Paul.  Forms can either be dropped off at the club house or driving range or mailed to:  The First Tee of St. Paul, 1403 Montreal Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55116.  Registration forms can be found at the Highland National driving range, Highland National club house, Highland 9 club house, and online at www.thefirstteestpaul.org.

Q:  Is there a discount for taking multiple sessions?

A:  Yes.  We offer a discount of $10 off any two sessions, $20 off any three, and $25 off four or more.  This offer is per participant not for multiple participants.

Q:  What is the deadline for registering for a session?

A:  Sessions close at 5:00PM three days prior to the first day of class.  If you wish to register a junior after that please contact the Program Director.


Q:  What if my junior took a Birdie session last season, what session should they take this year?

A:  Please refer to the Session Progression grid.  In order to take a Birdie level session this year a participant must first be Par Certified.

Q:  How many times can my junior take a session in a level?

A:  There is no limit to the number of sessions a participant may take.

Q:  If my junior took Par sessions last year do they have to take Par sessions again before certifying?

A:  No.  A participant may participate in a certification session when they feel they are ready.   After going through the certification process the coaches can suggest what level would be best suited for the participant.

Q:  How long do classes usually run?

A:  Most classes run around an hour in length.  See the schedule for specific session details.

Q:  What if my junior misses a class, can they make it up?

A:  If a participant misses a class they can make it up by attending a class from a different session of the same level.  .


Q:  How does my junior gain certification?

A:  Participants become certified by taking classes in a given level then completing the hour long certification session for that level and display the level of golf skill and knowledge of life skills to gain certification.  These sessions are held on certain Saturdays during the season.  Please refer to the schedule for dates.

Q:  What does the certification process include?

A:  The certification process is an hour long session held on certain Saturdays during the season.  Please refer to the schedule for dates.  During a certification session participants are asked to demonstrate golf skills that they have been working on in their classes and complete a written quiz on Life Skills they have been learning in class.  Coaches will use a metric provided by The First Tee National to determine if the participant has mastered the level of skill needed to gain certification.

Q:  How many sessions should my junior take before certifying?

A:  The First Tee National recommends:

Number of Hours to Certify at Par

Level Age Range Recommended Min. Program Hours
Par 8-11 24
Par 12-14 18
Par 15-18 12

For example, one Par session is five program hours so a participant may take 2-5 sessions before gaining their Par Certification.  These numbers are a general recommendation.  Participants may go through the certification process as many times as they please and when ever they feel they are ready.

Q:  How many times can my junior try certifying?

A:  A participant may attend certification sessions as often as they please.

Q:  What if my junior does not gain certification?

A:  If a participant does not gain certification status after a certification session they should continue to take lessons at the same level.  Coaches will provide individual feedback about areas the participant is strongest in and the areas that need more attention to gain certification.  The First Tee focuses on positive feedback rather than negative.  Every certification session is an extra opportunity to praise participants for their achievements from previous sessions or from class time as well as highlight how their strengths can help them improve the areas in which they do not yet have the level of skill required to gain certification.

Q:  Is there a certification to move from Beginner Par to Par 1 or from Par 1 to Par 2 or from Birdie 1 to Birdie 2?

A:  No.  This year there is only a certification process to pass from Par to Birdie and from Birdie to Eagle.

Q:  Does my junior need to be Bogey Certified to take a Par level class?

A:  No.  Currently there is not a Bogey level certification process.

Q: Why should my junior become certified?

A:  With each certification process participants gain personal feed back from their coaches about the areas they are strongest in and the areas that need more attention.  Certified participants are eligible to take classes at the next level.  Par Certified participants receive a certificate along with a Par Card that has their name and Certification on it from The First Tee.  When this card is presented the participant may receive a discount at the driving range equal to the lunch special.  When participants gain Par and Birdie certification they receive one free round of golf.